Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Feelin good today. I got so much done yesterday. Finished modeling and texturing the spirits (yes, of course there are spirits!), finished modeling/uving Grown Israel, finished modeling/texturing a new bedroom wall. Best of all, I solved a few problems that were holding things down with the renders.
I currently have 2 complete sequences finished. That's 13 seconds!

The animation is going great so far. Its almost exactly as I expected it to be. Pretty average in quality, but enough to tell this story. One which I consider to be above average =) I have to some have kind of confidence right?

Random stuff....
Rendering at HD720 (1280x720) so far. (Usuaully 3 passes - Color, Occlusion, Normal)
Target finish date - September 20th.
Biggest hurdles to come - water for beach scene (should I even try? =P), getting the rights to use a song, finding a narrator with a Hawaiian accent, facial animation, sound effects.

I'll throw some new pics up soon.


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