Thursday, July 24, 2008

status update

Well, with 2 months remaining until my target finish date (sep. 20th), its still looking like I will make it.
As of right now, I am completely done modeling and texturing all assets. I'm sure I will add a few more things later on, but Its nice to have all the characters complete (young Iz, Grown Iz, Skippy, and 3 different spirits).

I have about 1 minute and 30 seconds completely animated and rendered.
I'm aiming to have all of the animation and rendering done by Sep. (Around 4 minutes total). Leaving me with 3 weeks to complete the editing. I have a feeling that I will hit a lot of problems when I get to the editing stage. It will be the first time I have worked with sound effects and music.

Anyway, things are going smooth. I'm almost done animating what I consider to be the hardest shot in the film.
I'll have some new pics and clips up within a few days.


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