Thursday, July 3, 2008

Random thoughts

So, tomorrow (July 4th) marks one month of working on this film. I couldn't be happier with the work so far. As of right now, I have about 23 seconds of the film complete. This number should be going up quick considering all that is left is animation and rendering.
Things do finally seem to be slowing down. Not in the amount of time and work im doing, but in the amount of results im seeing. This is due to the fact that im pretty much done with modeling and texturing and am mostly animating. As I said before, im no animator. But, im learning more every day.

As of right now...
Main Character - Young Iz - Modeled, textured, rigged (Complete)
Spirits (3 different ones) - Modeled, textured, rigged (Complete)
Bruddah Skippy - modeled, textured (barely in the film, just needs a quick rig)
Grown Iz - Modeled, Textured (just need to rig him and finish his beach env)

Bedroom - complete
Sidewalk environment - complete (still tweaking look of rain)
Beach - Modeled, textured, still tweaking lighting.
Classrom - complete
Playground - modeled, finishing texturing

I've been thinking a lot about something I read the other day about narration in film. Basically it said not to make the nararation tell the whole story, but simply help the visuals along. This is particularly tough for me because im no seasoned animator and was hoping to tell a lot of the story in the narration. The compromise is to meet somewhere in the middle, and so im going back and tweaking the narration and putting in more visuals/animation.
All in all, its a good thing to do that will make the quality of the short much better. Its just a pain =)

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