Thursday, July 10, 2008

Detailed Film Summary - Big Big post =)

Well, I couldn't be happier with the project so far. Last night I figured out some very key compositing techniques that should save me a lot of time, and make the overall film look much better. (Hello Motion Blur! =)
I'm also very happy to announce that just a month and a week in to this, I'm up to about 40 seconds of finished film!!!

I realize the blog must be getting a little annoying giving the fact that I really haven't laid out the film to you guys yet. Sure, I've said its loosely based on the life of Israel Kamakawiow'ole (yes I can pronounce and spell his name now =) but, Israel is a boy? There are spirits? There's mention of a narrated poem, where is it? What does the class pictures mean? etc, etc.

I'm trying not to give to much away because I want people to have a fresh, honest reaction to the finished film.
With that said, it is only fair to at least give a little more detailed summary. So, here goes.......

First, its important to know who my target audience is. The film is geared towards kids with big imaginations and sentimental grownups. I say sentimental, because I really want this film to touch people. That's no easy task to do in just 3 to 5 minutes. So, I have my work cut out for me.

Here's a little background on Israel.....

"Bruddah Iz" was a beloved figure in Hawaiian music during the 1990s, and his popularity continues to grow around the world. His pure, light tenor was as famous as his sumo-sized physique; at one point he weighed over 750 pounds. Kamakawiwo'ole's popularity in Hawaii was such that after his death in 1997, his body lay in the state capitol building. Becoming just the second U.S. citizen to receive the honor of having his body lay in state at a capitol building.

Best known for his version of "Over The Rainbow"
In my opinion, the most beautiful song ever.

Ok, on to the short.
The film will be 3 - 5 minutes.
Created entirely by myself (so far, and of course with feedback from friends and family. Thanks Holly =)
Target finish is September 20th, 2008. But, i'm not going to stress about getting it finished by then.
Biggest hurdle left is getting the rights to use one of Iz's songs in the film. I've tracked down the publisher who owns the rights, but have yet to contact them because I want to be able to show them a large portion of the film when Im on my knee's begging to use the song =)
Its a 3d animated short, with sound effects and narration (no characters talking).
To get an idea of the narration im going for, you can check out some of my poems here
or check out Tim Burton's short "Vincent" here.

The main software im using is Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop, and digital fusion.
Much like my illustrations, Im trying to get as detailed as possible. People who know Israels entire story will find tons of references to different things in his life (bone fish hook, Elementary name, etc etc)

The short starts with Grown Iz on a beach looking back at his life, cuts to young Iz (around 10 yrs old) being picked on, dealing with the trials and tribulations of being an over weight kid. This is true and not true of Iz's real life. Iz was a big boy growing up, but from what Ive read, if someone made fun of his weight, he would beat them up. hehe. Anyway, in my film, Iz is sad about being so big. But, with the help of his big Brother Skippy (who also trageically died at a young age) and some hawaiian spirits, Iz learns to play the Ukulele and uses music to heal his wounds and spread the message of love throughout the world. I'll leave the finish out for now. In short, the finish wraps things up and makes me smile just thinking about it. And yes, there might be a rainbow involved =)

So, there ya go. I hope I didn't give to much away. The visuals and narration should add a lot more, so im not to worried.

Eric Provan

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Andrew Lee said...

>>..I didn't even know you were working on this...What happened to the possum thing? doesn't matter, I'm digging what you have here better anyway.

You know...after we finish our own shorts...we should colaborate on would probably be easier for us to focus on our strengths.

Just a thought.