Monday, August 25, 2008

Title...........maybe =)

Here's the current title screen. Im still not sure if I like this one or "IZ - Spreading the Aloha".
Either way, i'm pretty sure it will start with IZ.
Things are going great. Im about 95% done with all the compositing. I've started editing. Most of the Sound Effects are done.
I've also been tweaking the writing (narration) to sound more Hawaiian.
I've contacted a kick ass voice over guy, and I think he's on board for the project. Keeping my fingers crossed, as this guy would really take my film to another level.
Depending on when I get the narration, im pretty sure this thing will be done by Sep. 10th. Then, its off to the festival's. Starting with Sundance (which is obviously a long shot, but worth a try imho).
Wether or not this thing does well in the festival's, im still very happy and proud of the final product. This was my first film, and i think I did a pretty good job. Especially considering the manpower (1) and the speed (3 months!!!). Just to put it in perspective, most 5 minute animated short films take about 1 yr to make with a team of 4-6 people working on it. With the exception of some of the animation quality, I think my film holds up very well to these other shorts.
Ok, enough talk about how amazing I am. lol. Im really not, im just proud =)

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