Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thats a huge batch!

Bah, organization is starting to catch up with me. Err, bad organization that is.
Right now, as I'm rendering my final scene, the total amount of total rendered space is nearing 75 gigs. That is a LOT of rendered images. Thank god for my new external harddrive.
You figure, for each second of film for this short, I have 4 passes (sometimes 5). Each second is 30 frames (30 pictures). 30 times 4 is 120. So, for each second we're looking at 120 pictures. Considering there will be around 300 seconds of film. That's a lot of images to keep organized.
And it has turned out to be quite a pain. 36,000 +
Ive spent that past couple days fixing little problems.
I've also completed about 50% of the compositing. Once that is done, I'm going to create the opening title, add the audio, and possibly put together a little teaser/trailer.

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