Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I made a pretty good choice last night. You know, Ive been putting my blood, sweat, and tears into this thing for a couple months now, and im still not really sure what the final product will be like. I guess you never really do when you make something like this. So, last night I decided to take a couple hours and put together a rough draft version of the film. I guess you could call it a souped up animatic. Complete with narration and music.
After viewing it about 100 times, I have to say, I dont think Ive ever been more proud of any achievement in my life. Any animator will tell you, putting a short film together is no easy task. With or without a team.
Im happy to say that with a few more weeks of hard work, I will have a good little short film that I can be proud of.

As of right now.....................

Modeling - done
Rigging - done
Texturing - done
Lighting - done
Animating - 95% done (just one scene left. Wahooooo)
Rendered - 80% of the film (my 2 computers have been rendering around the clock for the past 3 weeks. 24 hours a day. Its a pain, but the end result is worth it.)

Compositing - 10% (This should go quick. Ive landed on a look that I want)

Audio - 0% (I found a professional voiceover actor that has the perfect voice for this, but I havn't approached him just yet. I plan on recording one of my own original songs to play throughout the film. Basically just some slow accoustic guitar. And , of course Israel's version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow)

Editing - 0% This should only take a couple hours when I get to this point. The first run through for my roughdraft version was very quick.

Its looking like the film will be around 4 and a half minutes long when all is said and done.

So there ya go. I get some new stuff up soon. Hopefully a teaser/trailer.

Peace out,

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