Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Note to self

This is not meant as advice for others. Everyone has their own ideas and ways of doing things. This is simply meant to help myself. I feel like I need a little pep talk when things slow down, when something doesn't work, when a scene crashes. This is that pep talk.

Target Audience:
Know your audience - Kids, Sentimental Adults, Israel fans.
Animation: Your not an animator! Focus on story and look, thats what you do best. I know that most people will say this is crazy. And it absolutely is. But, the point is, the animation is only going to look decent. I'll do my best, but im not an animator, im a digital artist. Im just hoping that the look and feel of the short will help people look past the average (at best) animation.
With that Said, know that this isn't going to look like a pixar film. This is a project being down by one person with no budget. I dont have a render farm with 3000 computers, I have 1 computer.
Skip corners were you can: See above...
Have faith in your idea: Not everyone is going to like this idea. Not everyone is going to like the characters, the story, the look. Take criticism seriously, but don't become discouraged. The only way your going to get this done is if you 100% believe in it.
Focus on one thing at a time: this has killed your ideas in the past. Dont scatter yourself all over the place. You need to see results and the only way that will happen is by finishing sequences one at a time.

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