Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Happy joy Joy

Man, I can't express how amazingly well this project is going so far. Ive tackled animated shorts a few times in the past. All of them have failed within a few weeks. Its always a combination of feeling that I'm in over my head, hitting to many bumps in the road, and loosing inspiration.
I know that the bumps will eventually come. If I can get far enough along, hopefully the bumps wont stop me.

This time, I'm confident I will finish it. I feel like my experience is finally catching up with my ideas. Everything I've have tried so far (look development, rain, animation, rigging, etc etc) has gone wonderfully.
Im rendering My first finished scene right now. I haven't really decided what I will put here on the blog, but there will be screen grabs for sure.

As things stand right now....
Story (narrated poem) is complete.
3 of 4 environments are complete. The forth is modeled and about 75% textured.
The toughest environment is final. (a classroom picture that includes 6 different characters)
All characters are modeled (3 total). The main character is textured and rigged.

3 of about 15 sequences are complete.

Rendering/Compositing work flow is final (the look basically).


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